Float-tilla Race

Float-tilla Race Rules 1.0

Denver Mad Scientists Club - March, 2014

Join us at the indoor pool Friday night Floatilla Race. What can you do with a milk carton? How fast can you design it to go? Show up at the pool on Friday and let everyone see just how inventive and creative you are.


First Rule-- The official hotel rules cannot be circumnavigated. This includes:

  • No glass in the pool area.

Spirit Rule:


Frankenstein Rule:

  • If a yacht proves sufficiently offensive to the audience, the audience may throw bricks at it until propriety is satisfied. (Bricks will be provided by MileHiCon)

Construction Rules:

  • Hull size is 1/2 gallon capacity. Any shape is allowed.
  • Hull material must be clean milk carton cardboard.
  • There is no weight limit.
  • Power sources must be self-contained. No electrical, internal combustion, or other potentially explosive power sources are allowed.
  • All other accouterments are as you will.

Competition Rules:

  • All entrants must pass a judge's inspection. There are no secrets from the judges.
  • All yachts will start with at least a four-foot spacing from the pool edge, or another competitor. NOTE-- the pool is somewhat irregularly shaped. This results in some boats having to cover an extra space during the races. We regard lane assignments as luck-of-the-draw.
  • The race consists of one-pool-width with as many heats as necessary to find a winner.
  • Competition style is at the judge's whim, but will be announced prior to the first heat. Typically the winner of each heat advances to the finals.
  • All pieces of a yacht must finish the race to be declared a winner.
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